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Snow To Go!® powder makes artificial snow instantly. In seconds you can make fake snow that looks like real snow, feels cool and is fluffy to touch. Instant Snow To Go! is non toxic and environmentally safe.
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Poly Pack of Instant Snow To Go Plenty of snow powder to make a centerpiece for your holiday table, or magical fun for the kids and guests. Watch the instant transformation of water and Snow To Go powder into artificial snow which looks and feels like soft fluffy real snow.There's no mixing, just amazement!

  • Makes about 1 gallon
  • Covers over 2 sq ft, 1 inch deep
  • Great for centerpieces & holiday table decor

Snow To Go!® powder makes artificial snow instantly. In seconds you can make fake snow that looks like real snow, feels cool and is fluffy to touch. Instant Snow To Go! is non toxic and environmentally safe.


Make a Centerpiece with Snow To Go for your holiday or event table.

What you need to start: Snow To Go instant snow and a decorative tray.

Place pillar candles in the center of the tray. Spread the snow you made with Snow To Go powder and water around the candles. You can choose the color of the candles to match the holiday (red and green candles for Christmas, orange and black candles for Halloween, or red white and blue candles for the 4th of July). You can place theme items like holly leaves, ornaments, miniature characters, mini trees, little pumpkins, or American flags in the snow.

Color Snow for a holiday or event.

What you need: Snow To Go instant snow, and food color.

Add food color to the water before you add the instant snow powder. Make the color a few tones darker than the result you are going for (the white snow will lighten the color). You can make orange snow for Halloween, red snow on Valentine’s Day, green snow for St Patrick’s Day, or red white and blue snow for the 4th of July.

Make Snow for a Holiday Village

Put under your a tree, in a crystal bowl, or as a hanging ornament

What you need: Snow To Go instant snow and the elements of your display.

Make sure to use enough snow in your holiday village or under a tree so the evaporation process does not cause the instant snow to go back to powder quickly. We recommend at least on half inch deep of snow for your village and tree inches deep under a tree. You can spray the snow with water when needed, to slow the evaporation process. Water can damage wood surfaces, so make sure that you have a protective covering on wood before you put down your made-up snow.

  • In a crystal bowl full of Snow To Go add colorful ornaments on top of the snow for an end table design or table centerpiece.
  • Our Snowball To Go! is a fun craft project for the family. Make ornaments filled with snow for your Tree. Make a face on the plastic ball or add decorative elements inside or outside of the ornament. You can add orange food color to the snow and make hanging Jack-O-Lanterns for Halloween.
  • Make a Yule log presentation by finding just the right size birch or pine log, pine cones or flowers, candles and appropriate baubles ad snow on top and around the sides.

Make Santa’s Footprints.

What you need: Snow To Go, a cardboard cut-out of a large boot or a large old shoe or boot.

Sprinkle snow around a boot cut-out or old shoe. Then lift it and make another footprint . Then another, and as many as you want. Don’t be stingy with the snow. The footprints can lead to, and from, your tree – and to, and from, your front door, back door, or fireplace. Remember the snow is slippery like real snow particularly when it is on a smooth surface like tile and vinyl.

OR: Just Use Snow To Go as a Stocking Stuffer!

Like all other endless possibilities for Instant Snow To Go you can develop magic trick to amaze your friends or audience. The following is an example.

What you need: Snow To Go powder in a Salt Shaker like container with large enough holes for the snow powder to pass through it easily, a clear container (a 4 oz clear plastic cup works great) with enough water in it so the snow powder added will fully absorb and overflow the container when snow is created.

Performance of the Magic Trick Goes Like This:

    1. Make this statement:“You may have heard the clouds can be ‘salted’ to make rain?”
    2. Point to the clear container with water in it and say:“Well, I have some rain water here!”
    3. Hold up the salt shaker and start shaking the powder into the water, saying:
      “When I add my ‘special salt’ to the rain water…” – ( … add some magic words… )
      ( You might need a little practice knowing when to stop shaking your ‘special salt’ into the water. )
    4. Now say:“… and I can make Instant Snow!
    5. Your friends or audience will be amazed as instantly your ‘special salt’ and water become Snow!
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