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SubSafe ***SubSafe Pink
***SubSafe Pink $17.99

***SubSafe Pink

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Tired of soggy sandwiches? SubSafe is the ultimate sandwich container that keeps your sub sandwich safe, never soggy. SubSafe is BPA Free and made from the same plastic that is used for baby bottles. This high-quality plastic makes SubSafe waterproof, crushproof, and it floats.

With its ingenious multi-purpose design, SubSafe can also be used as a cup or bowl, or after finishing your fresh, delicious sandwich, it can keep your keys, wallet, and phone safe. Whether it’s out on the water, at the park, or in the break room, SubSafe keeps your sub sandwich safe, never soggy.

This Product:

  • Includes 3 Water-tight BPA Free pieces that thread together to protect a 6" or 12" sandwich. Acts as a drink cup or food bowl. Completely Waterproof, safe for kids and comes in pink and green for both boys and girls. Rated the ultimate food container and sub sandwhich protector, allowing you to always have a good meal without a soggy or wet sandwich.
  • Waterproof, crush-proof, and floats. Perfect for the beach, boat, or work lunchbox cooler. Made to fit perfectly in the lunchbox, cooler, backpack, or fridge. The Subsafe re-usable container is great for any occasion. Works great to storing food, drinks, or even valuables in the cooler. Made with heavy duty plastic to protect your food.
  • Can be used for cups and bowls, a cocktail shaker, or even to protect a bottle of wine. Built to-go anywhere you go and protect your food better than disposable contiainers. Plus eco-friendly products are always the way to store lunch. We're confident you and your family will love the SubSafe.
  • Did we mention this is a great for dry storage. Keep your phone, wallet, keys safe or any other valuables.
  • Perfect for any outdoor activity boating, tailgating, golf, beach, camping, hunting, and the break room. The ability to break down the lid into multiple compartments make it multiple sizes and eliminate the need for other cooler accesories. Leakproof container will keep your hoagie or meal insulated, cool, and never soggy

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